Joint pain is no joke. It can make it difficult to complete everyday tasks, increase your likelihood of experiencing mental health problems, and it often worsens in the winter. Since the colder months are almost here, don’t you think you deserve to seek help for your joint pain and start feeling like yourself again?

Here at The Spine and Pain Center of California, we see many individuals suffering from myriad conditions that can cause joint pain. And since we understand the severity of the condition, we know how frustrating it can be to deal with.

Dr. Navin Mahallavaram and our other providers offer many treatments for joint pain as well as sympathy and care that reminds our patients they’re in good hands.

The lowdown on joint pain

Pain and stiffness in the joints are incredibly common complaints. Unfortunately, the problem doesn’t usually go away on its own. If it’s due to an injury, it will require several at-home remedies — think the old RICE acronym — and possibly more if it’s severe.

If it’s caused by something else it may also require long-term treatment and will probably only worsen with age. Most of the time, joint pain is used synonymously with the term arthritis. According to a study by the Arthritis Foundation, an estimated 91 million Americans are suffering from some form of this diagnosis.

Joint pain is not something you should ignore. You rely on your joints everyday to allow you to perform fine motor movements and take big strides. Ignoring joint pain will likely cause it to worsen over time.

Knowing the cause of your pain

In these days of WebMD, it’s common for people to try and diagnose themselves, believing they might have a temporary problem or that the issue can be treated at home. But it’s still crucial to seek a consultation with a healthcare provider when you experience joint problems.

Knowing the cause of your pain can allow you to treat it safely and effectively. If it is an injury — such as a sprain, a strain, a dislocation, or even bursitis — you can start out with conservative care. Similarly, if it’s a problem like arthritis, you can determine its severity and consider many options like

  • Physical therapy
  • Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • And more…

Treating continued joint pain

But what if you know the cause of your pain, and you’ve already tried some of the more conservative approaches? What if your pain has continued or worsened, and you don’t know where to turn?

At The Spine & Pain Center of California, we have had tremendous success treating joint pain with an injection of corticosteroids and pain relievers. This combination helps to minimize pain and improve your ability to participate in the other treatments listed above.

In addition, PRP therapy has often helped to promote healing and growth in the soft tissues. And for those who experience facet joint pain, radiofrequency ablation is another option.

Begin your healing journey

We know joint pain can create a difficult road for many. And though you may have struggled alone for some time, remember that help is available.

We’re here to assist you in your recovery from long-term joint pain. You can visit our Fremont or Pleasanton, CA, office when you make an online appointment today.